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The moment that you know that you’re in love.
When the things that make them completely imperfect, make them perfect for you.
When you are both scarred mentally and a little messed up in the head, but you two get each other. Screw everyone else who doesn’t understand.
When you count those spots or birth marks on their skin.
When you look into every little detail about them and love every bit.
You appreciate how they smell.
The depth of color in their eyes.
You start saying some of the things that they do.
When you want to be an even better person because of them.
The moment you realize they’re your best friend.
Every night and every day is another adventure.
You can have fun doing absolutely anything and absolutely nothing.
Sometimes you can just read their love for you in their eyes…
and loving them comes as easy as breathing…
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This post is just kinda ranting because there is no focus point I just need to say somethings.
Distance is hard. Especially once you know what it’s like to physically be with that other person.
I didn’t ask for this. I wasn’t looking for it. It just…well …happened.
You know that saying “if you lost something, stop looking for it. It will show up when you aren’t looking.”
That is exactly how I found what I was missing.
My missing thing, well someone, just happened to be all the way in the United Kingdom.
I married my best friend on 23 April 2014 after being together for about 2 years.
Being apart may be killing use emotionally right now because of the longing of wanting to be with one another.
People think that just because we are so far apart our relationship isn’t real or isn’t as strong as others. Honestly, our relationship is stronger than most relationships.
Ever since Scott left the US to go back home I’ve been in a funk, as well as him.
Recently he’s been more upset then I have because he says he feels useless and like he’s not doing anything along with saying he has no one there for him.
Hearing him talk like this kills me. It hurts so much I cry knowing he even slightly feels like that. Truth be told he is worth so much that’s why I am working so hard to try to get him here as fast as I can and save as much money as I can so we can have a life together.
We need to not be so down because of the fact we don’t have each other now but be happy because we are on the road to being together very soon!
When you marry your best friend you hit the jackpot. Who doesn’t want to marry someone you get along with so well?! I mean shit I married my bestie, partner in crime, cuddle buddy, better half, and my enemy sometimes :) <3
I had so much to say but now it’s all scattered around in my head I can’t even think straight. I guess point is I love my best friend and we need to start looking on the bright side of things.

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